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A Letter to Christian Educators

A Letter to Christian Educators

Wherever one starts is ultimately and inevitably where one will end. As Dr. Norman Geisler used to say, “Start with baloney, end with baloney.” In my teaching seminars and retreats with Sovereign and Good, I tell the women “Start with the Word, end with the Word.” The Word has to be the starting point I believe for all Christian educators, as well as in our own faith walks. The Word is the measure for truth, and no matter the pursuit in academia students can trust the Word will always be authenticated by evidence in the world. God’s Word is true. The broader culture in America today, and arguably globally faces an incredible amount of challenge to educators. A challenge met that has the potential to navigate toward an increase in knowledge and the interest thereof, or possibly in failure could push the next generations further down a tunnel of disinformation and a “parrot” culture society that masks as research, evidence and truth. The deconstructionism of the postmodern conduit that married contemporary media has left our society with the good, the bad and the ugly of all prior eras. There’s a scattered mess left offering a buffet for the self, and when the self inevitably gets lonely there’s a group think identity train running parallel that students can jump on. The church at large has been imprinted heavily by this culture, and it is affecting how Christians think, live and view the Bible. There’s too much pathos, and little to no ethos and logos. Educators have the opportunity to be a safe haven to build ethos, and strengthen logos, so then a student’s pathos is rightly directed and established in purpose and intent for the Gospel in truth and love.

 The initial aftermath of COVID accelerated the need to be tunnel driven to survive financially in our society. Quite possibly this could push further away studies in both critical thinking and in the humanities, leaving the future to solely be a market-place for cornering corporate, memetic drones rather than valuing robust, thinking citizens and Christians. So that the post-postmodernity people product are those that merely work in the world (or at least those that wish to), but don’t think about it, conditioned in harmony to mimic and parrot disinformation. And further it means blind acceptance of the lies of an antichrist agenda. And further it means being sold the lies of an antichrist agenda. Already among seminaries today, arguably the battle for the bodily Resurrection has lost as they knowingly or unknowingly traded it for the lies of the Nag Hammadi…even though we live in a time when there’s sufficient evidence that proves the bodily Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This amidst the culture of relativism, subjectivism, pragmatism, and every other “ism” that takes our youth further into a buffet of self and either total neglect of the Word or making the Word something that “becomes” for their worldly focus, and comfortably has them sitting in a pool of pure eisegesis. Yet, if Christian educators endure in being bold then after starting with the fear of the Lord, then perhaps logic, first principles, and methods for proper research, knowledge of opposing worldviews, and a systematic lens in analyzing data can quite possibly lead to more accurate and precise knowledge filters as well as open doors to apologia (1 Peter 3:15). Further, a crucial point for educators to remedy deconstructionism’s leftovers is to restore the metanarrative. Statistics are clear in learning that understanding the “full story” in content and context helps retain knowledge, and also promotes positive motivation toward reflection and increases leadership in the subject areas taught.

From a psycho-crisis therapist career working with gang members on the streets of Los Angeles to collegiate teaching for students ranging from 22-65 years of age, I have learned that things are not always what they seem. My former clients and students have taught me the following: one should not judge how things seem on the outside, nor consider yourself “higher” than any other soul; we must admit our depravity and our capability of committing any sin; that all avenues of evaluation have to be considered to get even a glimpse of understanding of a person’s life and circumstances; life experience holds close to or possibly as much value as formal training; that all students no matter their background, learning challenges, or lack of prior education can be taught to succeed in the academic world; a good teacher is a good learner, unassuming, and too ever-seeking knowledge; without a sincere compassionate heart, a teacher or counselor will fail. Teaching is a privilege, and an honor that should be driven by a steady commitment to come alongside each student as they reflect, grow and become confident in their pursuits, and engagement in all facets of life’s journey for the sole purpose of Christ Jesus and the Gospel. Immanuel Kant sealed the divide long ago between faith and reason. It’s time for Christian educators to collaborate in bringing it back together again. But we cannot do so if the foundations be destroyed –commitment in unity of the whole Word of God must take precedence, otherwise we are tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine, manmade traditions, and the empty deceit of bad philosophy. All of which leaves us unable to prepare the young minds for the pseudo-brilliant lions that wish and strategically plan to devour them in college. We must reach the youth on the front end before they step into the trenches.

                                                                                                -Dr. Alana M. Arguello

                                                                                    “A Letter to Christian Educators,” 2021

                                                                                              Sovereign and Good Ministries

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