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King David’s Thanksgiving to God

King David’s Thanksgiving to God

Apostasy Section (Health, Wealth and Prosperity)

2 Samuel 7

David’s thanksgiving prayer to God –David’s response to God’s Word in verses 18-28 is humbling to say the least. God’s actions toward Israel were to point them to who He is and show the world that He was the one true God. Did we catch that? God’s relation to humanity is to point the world to HIM…it’s about Him, not us. David’s hearing that the throne of God’s Kingdom and house would come from his own seed, and be established forever brought joy to David, but a pure joy focused on God. David could have responded in excitement that he was chosen, but rather he recognized he wasn’t special at all. This was about God. David didn’t respond in excitement that this would happen “to him,” but rather recognized he is nothing and rejoiced in the fact that God’s name would be declared and magnified forever! Amen! David was thankful that God’s name would reign forever, and all people would know the true God. Even David’s request for blessing was that his house would forever be before the Lord. He didn’t ask for prosperity. He didn’t ask for wealth of this world. He didn’t ask for a new job, a child, a home, or a vacation….He asked that his home forever be in reverence and worship to the Lord God Almighty, so that God’s name would be magnified.

How clearly wrong the “prosperity” gospel is, of course, but how too we should all examine our hearts. I need to examine mine. It’s so easy to get focused on the things of this world. To make requests and blessings of God to be about us, what we want or how we want to feel, and about things of this world. I pray my requests for blessing be about Him –that my house be in ever reverence and worship to Him so that His name continues to be magnified. Let us today ask for blessing on our lives that provides not our wants and desires and needs, but rather blessing that brings glory to Him alone (not to demonstrate that we are a “child of God”), …glory truly to Him alone and blessing that we stay in reverence, close to Him, abiding in His Word, humbled before His throne. And when we receive blessing, let us too then make sure our hearts recognize that it is still about Him and His purposes. May we have a heart like David in prayer and thanksgiving –completely surrendered hearts, minds and wills to have everything in our lives point back to the one true God. Instead of seeing a blessing that comes our way to be about what He has given us, let us rather see with David’s eyes that it is really ultimately, and rightly about how He is to be magnified with all glory and reverence pointing to Him. Let blessing not be seen as what gifts we might receive as “special” children, but rather see the gifts we enjoy and participate in this life are ultimately for Him to show the world who the true, saving God of the universe really is, Jesus Christ –let our hearts in prayer and in thanksgiving start and finish with Him be the glory. Amen.